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Alpha-Helix Scholarship

Perry and Carolyn Frey Life Sciences Scholarship

Photo of Perry and Carolyn FreyThe University of Wisconsin Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of the Perry and Carolyn Frey Life Sciences Scholarship Fund (the Fund). The fund is named not only in tribute to Professor Frey’s outstanding teaching and research career, but also honors Perry and Carolyn’s dedication to the many people they influenced and touched in some way over the years.

The fund supports the Alpha-Helix Scholarship, which is awarded to an undergraduate student enrolled in the Departments of Biochemistry, Bacteriology, Genetics, or Nutritional Sciences within the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Contributions to the Perry and Carolyn Frey Life Sciences Scholarship Fund can be made by visiting the University of Wisconsin Foundation’s website. Simply follow the online instructions to make a gift to this fund.

Alpha-Helix Scholarship Winners

2023-2024 Yara Al-Rayyan, Biochemistry
2023-2024 Thi Van Tran, Biochemistry
2022-2023 Will Kim, Biochemistry
2021-2022  Hunter Coplien, Biochemistry
2020-2021  Jessica Liu, Biochemistry
2019-2020  Camille Phillips, Nutritional Science
2018-2019  McKenna Nordbeck, Genetics
2017-2018  Dawid Bilski, Biochemistry
2016-2017  Abram Bonneville, Biochemistry
2015-2016  Laurel Kelnhofer, Biochemistry
2014-2015  Brooke Sample, Genetics
2013-2014  Amanda Beltrame, Biochemistry
2012-2013  Michael Harte, Biochemistry
2011-2012  Thuy Dan-Tran, Biochemistry
2010-2011  Gregory Scheis, Microbiology